Vascular treatments

State of the art dressings and bandages for ischemic ulcers and gangrene

Our medical practice in Cinisi, Palermo, offers the following vascular treatments:

  • Techniques to save limbs from amputation such as replacement skin membranes, prostaglandins, prostacyclins and advanced medication
  • Saphenous vein stripping
  • Crossectomies
  • Phlebectomies
  • Endovascular laser treatment using the SAFOS technique
  • Surgical treatment of venous, lymphatic, dystrophic and traumatic ulcers through the use of alloplastic implants to replace skin
  • Revascularisation in cases of diseased peripheral arteries and critical ischemia using prostaglandins and prostacyclins
  • Clinical treatment of Buerger's disease and Raynaud's syndrome
  • Epidural spinal cord stimulation for chronic ischemic pain, Raynaud's syndrome and critical ischemia
  • Surgical debridement using ultrasound devices
  • State of the art dressings and bandages for ischemic, traumatic and diabetic ulcers and gangrene
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