Sacrococcygeal fistulas and abscesses

The "Proctology without pain" medical practice in Cinisi (province of Palermo) performs surgery to remove sacrococcygeal fistulas and eliminate sacrococcygeal abscesses.

A sacrococcygeal fistula, or pilonidal cyst, is an infection that occurs in the sacrum area, where an abscess filled with pus forms. If it is not treated promptly, a sacrococcygeal fistula can lead to a genuine sacrococcygeal abscess that causes discomfort and burning for the patient.

Sacrococcygeal abscesses are treated using a precise surgical method that involves the removal of the fistula. However, the fistula may reform, even after the operation. For this reason, the staff of the "Proctology without pain" medical practice give the patient some tips to help them pay full attention to preventing the reformation of the fistula, such as proper hygiene and avoiding clothing that may cause sweating.

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