Proctology without pain in Sicily

The proctologist Dr Biundo Gaspare specialises in proctological disorders and the treatment of haemorrhoids, occult anterior mucosal prolapses, anal and perianal fistulas and abscesses, sacrococcygeal fistulas and abscesses, rectal prolapses, anal fissures, polyps, anal warts, anal papillae, faecal incontinence, anal stricture, anal tumours, ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease, keloids, rectocele, constipation, anal itching, treatment of skin sores and ulcers, and haemorrhoid embolectomies.

The practice also operates in the fields of general medicine, legal medicine, and vascular surgery, as well as offering medical consultations online.

For more information on the medical services offered by the Proctology Centre, you can contact us at our headquarters in Via Sacramento 15 in Cinisi, Palermo, by calling +393331401758 or by fax on +39918683111.

Proctology without pain

Via Sacramento 15 - 90045 Cinisi (province of Palermo)

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