My CV as a GP

General practitioner in Cinisi, Palermo


Academic year 75/76 - enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Palermo

While at university, he opted for a multi-disciplinary course which prepared him for his subsequent specialisation in the field of proctology. For this reason, he worked as a student intern in the following departments of the Policlinico di Palermo:


Institute of Medical Pathology 1, managed by Prof. Ignazio Indovina;

Institute of Surgical Pathology 1, managed by Prof. Pietro Bazan (Permanent Incontinence Centre);

Coronary care unit, managed by Prof. Angelo Raineri;

Institute of Clinical Surgery 1, managed by Prof. Pietro Li Voti;


4/11/81 Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Palermo with a mark of 106/110;

Qualified to practice professionally in the first session of 1982 at the University of Palermo.

Registered with the Order of Doctors of Palermo on 14/04/82 as no. 7798;

1986 Specialisation in Thoracic Surgery at the School managed by Prof. Pietro Bazan.


In 1982 he carried out a year-long postgraduate internship in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Public Hospital Benfratelli in Palermo, managed by Prof. Renato Albiero.

During his specialisation period (1982-1986), he worked as an intern in the Department of Thoracic and General Surgery at the Public Hospital Benfratelli in Palermo, managed by Prof. Franco Gargano, carrying out departmental and operating theatre tasks, with particular responsibilities in the Colorectal ward;

In 1982, after qualifying professionally and registering with the Order, he began working as a proctologist at a private practice in Palermo (Via Roma 180). He also started operating, with his own team, at the Clinica Demma in Palermo, run by Dr Filippo Cucinella, until July 2002 when the clinic was taken over by the National Health Service.

In 1982, he was the first surgeon in Italy to begin using Barron's rubber band ligation technique, of which he created several technical variants (suction) and therapeutic applications (haemorrhoids, occult anterior mucosal prolapses, genuine prolapses, skin tags, anal papillae, etc.);

In 1982 he invented a technique to save the phalanges of the fingers in cases of serious injury and partial amputation following trauma;

In 1982 he also began to practice cryosurgery on anal fissures;

In 1983, based on his experience with cryo-exeresis of anal fissures, he invented a technique of his own to treat anal fistulas "in one day". The method uses a cryo-guide in the excision of the fistula, which is removed enclosed in ice, and the patient is sutured so as to heal by primary intention. This procedure revolutionised the history of the surgical techniques used to treat this disease, allowing a very short period of convalescence and preventing the recurrences that characterised the old methods, whilst also minimising the amount of pain suffered by the patient.

In 1984 he began to apply his cryo-guided technique to sacral fistulas and abscesses related to pilonidal sinuses;

From 1991 to 1993 he taught Thoracic Surgery and Nursing Techniques at the nursing school of the Local Health Authority in Carini, Sicily.

In 1994 he invented a new technique for the outpatient treatment of inguinal hernias which differs from other techniques in that the hernial sac is preserved and used to fill in the inguinal channel, creating an impassable barrier which prevents the recurrence of the condition. As well as being simple, this outpatient technique is especially useful for patients whose line of work necessarily involves major muscle strain, since the classic technique using a mesh would lead to a significant number of relapses;

Since then, he has carried out his activities as a proctologist and surgeon at his practice in Cinisi, with support from the operating theatre at the ARS Medica del Flaminio in Rome, and at the Centro Ippocrate in Via Nunzio Morello, Palermo, devoting himself to perfecting his outpatient procedures.


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